Understanding for your healing
couple visiting their psychiatrist

Our Practice

Bridging Pathways Psychotherapy provides proven and evidence-based methods and treatment to address the psychosocial, and sometimes psychosomatic, needs of individuals. Settled in New Jersey, we strive to provide professional mental health services.

Our work is rooted in the principle of promoting wellness for all ages. Thus, we offer our tender care and service to clients as young as 5 years of age. We extend our time to serving adolescents and adults.


The philosophy of Bridging Pathways Psychotherapy is to provide a tangible expression of the commitment to ease suffering, bring awareness to social justice matters, and hope to all, without regard to religion, race, or culture.


Bridging Pathways Psychotherapy helps individuals and families in need to acquire assistance and achieve a greater sense of self and overall wellness. This mission is pursued through a network of caring, effective, and well-managed providers within the state of New Jersey.

For your inquiries and concerns, you may reach us through our contact page.